In 1998 the Marlin factory embarked on its most audacious project yet, to celebrate twenty years of the Marlin name,  they decided to build the Makaira. A benchmark car for Marlin, embodying everything the company had learnt in developing the turnkey Hunter, in order to produce a highly exclusive, all aluminium bodied traditional roadster. With a price tag of over £40,000.

The Makaira was built by Marlin cars over a period of roughly eighteen months, contruction was complete by 2002. Mark Matthews was the inpsiration behind the majority of the work and completed a large amount of the work himself.

It used off the shelf parts wherever possible and is powered by a TVR 4.6L V8 engine. This engine has a certifiate with it confirming that it meets the exact specification for TVR to fit to their Chimera model.

Most of the bodywork had to be custom made and jigs had ot be constructed, since the intention was to make limited edition, short runs, of the car.